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A welcome from the Council of Yeshua Institute of Technology. The Institute Council is the highest governing board and final authority. The Council runs the Institute's financial, physical, and human resources to help achieve the Institute's mission and objectives.

Charles Aye-Addo

As Executive Chancellor I provide primary leadership in setting and communicating expectations of educational excellence and integrity within Yeshua Institute of Technology. I assure support for the effective operation of the Institute. I motivate the President, and evaluate his achievements and annual report. I am the face of the institution in the global arena. I am responsible for fundraising and institutional collaborations on the international level. I preside over matriculation and graduation ceremonies.

Charles Aye-Addo (Ph.D., Drew University), Founder of Yeshua Institute of Technology, Executive Chancellor

Charles Owiredu

As President,I have the primary responsibility for the quality of the institute. I provide effective leadership in planning, organizing, budgeting, selecting and developing personnel, and assessing institutional effectiveness. I chair the Academic Senate of the Institute.

Charles Owiredu (Ph.D., Durham University), Co-Founder of Yeshua Institute of Technology, President




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