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Welcome to Yeshua Institute of Technology on the Web.

As Yeshua Tech's president, I'm pleased to share with you all that Yeshua Institute of Technology has to offer. Our Institute is an energetic community dedicated to innovative scientific research and university education. We offer a rich range of academic programs and a full calendar of events and activities throughout the week. You will also find the Yeshua spirit exhibited in our accomplished extra-curricular activities.

From a humble beginning in 2011, Yeshua Tech is expanding its frontiers in various fields of science and engineering. We strive towards excellence through the practice of high quality culture in teaching and research. Our aim is to become a world class university with the vision of being an academic hub that creates the intellectual capital required for the development of the African continent.

For the next ten years, we will focus on groundbreaking research in the disciplines of electronics and clean energy that will literally change the country. The Yeshua Tech faculty will also pioneer Geospatial intelligence in West Africa. We will dedicate a centre for projects in geographic information systems and remote sensing. We will also create more health visionaries in the fields of health promotion and medical information management. We will not ignore postgraduate studies in Statistics. Students can come to Yeshua Tech in a variety of ways: traditional undergraduate students, adult learners, graduate students, distance learners.

We are hiring and training world-class faculty that will excel extraordinarily, whether in bricks-and-mortar classrooms or in online classes. I therefore look forward to broadening Yeshua Tech's continental reach and forging online learning partnership with other universities overseas. Our faculty members will continue to be the educators who will help our students demonstrate the importance of generational and global thinking, providing students with the tools for living responsibly in our world. Every lecturer here has a mission to ensure that our graduates have the relevant skills they need to make a valuable contribution to the Ghana's future. It is for this reason that we maintain a constant link with industries and businesses.

It is not every university that provides students with a friendly hand and a serious education. It is not in every school that faculty and administration are readily available for help and counsel. This Institute is small enough so that every student has an advisor to attend to his or her needs. I am proud to say that Yeshua Institute of Technology gives students that start and continues to offer it to those men and women who come here to study.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. I hope it will give you a clear picture of Yeshua Tech as a whole and help you explore the available opportunities to develop your potentials and realize your dreams. I invite you to come to our campus and discover first-hand the excitement and energy of the Yeshua Tech experience for yourself. I wish you the best and our faculty and staff welcome you.

Charles Owiredu
President, Yeshua Institute of Technology




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