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An application for readmission must be submitted by any student seeking to return to Yeshua Tech who has been required to resign or voluntarily withdrawn from the Institute. Notification of intent to apply must be made to the Head of Department by May 1 for the Green semester and November 1 for the Harmattan semester. The deadline for receipt of all readmission materials is June 1 for the Green semester and December 1 for the Harmattan semester. Note: A student who has voluntarily withdrawn must have been away from Yeshua Tech for a minimum of one full semester after the semester in which the student withdrew.

A readmitted student will not be permitted to enroll in the Institute until all financial responsibility have been cleared by the Student Accounts Unit.

Please complete the attached application and return a copy to the Admissions Office and another to the Head of your Department. The application and all necessary supporting materials listed below must be received before readmission will be considered.

  1. A personal letter:
    1. f the student was required to resign, the letter should address, in detail, the issues that impeded the student's satisfactory progress while at Yeshua Tech and what the student has done while away; why the student wants to return to Yeshua Tech and what the student will specifically do differently to ensure his/her success.
    2. If the student voluntarily withdrew, the letter should explain the reasons for leaving and, if appropriate, what he/ she has done to address them; how the student has spent the intervening time away from Yeshua Tech; why the student wants to return to Yeshua Tech; and the steps the student will take to ensure his/ her success.
  2. Plan of study: A proposed plan of study for the semester for which the student is applying to return must be approved, in writing, by the faculty advisor. If the student would be a senior, then the plan of study must include two semesters. A junior or seniors plan of study should include courses that will fulfill major requirements. The faculty advisor needs to be contacted well in advance to provide time for an in-depth discussion.
  3. An interview (by phone or in person) with the students HOD.
  4. Transfer credit: If the condition(s) of return requires the student to transfer credits and elsewhere, then pre-approved Permission to Transfer Credit forms and official transcripts must be received by the Dean's Office before a readmission decision will be finalized.
    1. Transfer courses/ credit must be pre-approved by the corresponding Head of Department at Yeshua Tech prior to enrolling in them. The student should know the amount of credit for which the course has been pre-approved and any additional stipulations for posting credit that might be required by the Head of Department. Permission to Transfer Credit forms are available from the Dean's Office.
    2. Transcripts must be received in a sealed envelope sent directly from the institution(s) attended. If the student is currently in courses for which the official transcript (with grades) is not available, preliminary grade evaluations on university letterhead must be provided b y the instructors directly to the class dean so a preliminary assessment can be made.
  5. Major Acceptance Card/ Senior Concentration Form: A student seeking readmission to the junior class must provide a signed Major Acceptance Card. A student seeking readmission to the senior class must submit an approved Senior Concentration Form.
  6. A non-refundable fifty dollar ($ 50.00) application fee, payable to Yeshua Institute of Technology.
  7. The student's Student Account must be clear.

Please note that an applicant may be requested to supply additional information to support his/her decision to return to Yeshua Tech.

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