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Entrepreneurial and Skill Oriented Training (ESOT)

Message from the President

Since 2006, only 3 out 10 WASSCE candidates gain Credits or grade “C” in six subjects to qualify for university education. It seems nobody cares about the 70% who are unable to gain direct entry into tertiary education all these years. Perhaps, there is something fundamentally wrong with our system of education and assessment. There is the need for an alternate mode of assessment and Competency-Based Training (CBT) is undoubtedly, the answer. All developed nations focus on CBT so why should Ghana give it little attention? These 70% “missers” cannot be dumb – they are actually “national development miracles” waiting to happen. All they need is OPPORTUNITY and this is what Yeshua Tech’s ESOT is designed to offer.

Today, getting employed after school has become extremely difficult. Employers are more interested in what the fresh graduate can do at the point of employment. It is therefore wiser to gain the relevant qualification that can both help you gain employment and also help you gain admission into the university. ESOT is a Competency-Based Training (CBT) that prepares you for progression into tertiary education and for the job market at the same time. You will be required to submit assignments, project works and evidence of practical experience for each module. There are no end-of-program (WASSCE-style) examinations based on notes that have been memorized with little comprehension. It is all about "Do It Let's See" (DILS) while you "Think It Let's See" (TILS).

If you do not want to bother yourself with WASSCE re-sits, then Entrepreneurial and Skill Oriented Training (ESOT) is the right route for you. ESOT GETS YOU FIRST GROOMED FOR THE JOB MARKET AND THEN PUSHES YOU ENTER UNIVESITY.

Yeshua Tech is registered by the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), Ghana. The Department of Further Education is responsible for the pre-tertiary COTVET Level 4 (National Certificate 2) programs in (i)Entrepreneurship & IT, and (ii) General Engineering.

ESOT’s Level 4 qualification is equivalent to GCE “A” or the UK BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma. It is a credible alternative to WASSCE and can therefore meet the admission requirement into university or polytechnic. Plans are underway for COTVET to get the Technical Examinations Unit (Ghana Education Service) to award the National Certificate qualifications in Ghana.

We welcome any High School graduate who wants to enter university but misses a pass at WASSCE to enroll in any of our 14 to 18-month the ESOT programs.

Charles Owiredu, PhD, Durham.

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