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In recent times, an almost universal recognition of the need for evidence based decision making. Decisions need to be based on optimum use of all relevant available information. Furthermore, decisions almost always have to be made in the face of uncertainty. Analyzing data to provide support for informed decision making and for addressing uncertainty is what statistical science is about. Nowadays, a number of specialized statistical tools and techniques have evolved to respond to the needs of industry, health, business, finance, insurance, social and economic planning.

The programme leading to the degree of Master of Science in Applied Statistics is designed mainly as postgraduate training for those intending to apply statistics in areas such as scientific research, industry and administration. The programme is structured for those candidates who wish to gain an effective knowledge of the theory and methods of statistics and of the applications of statistical methods in various fields. It has been specially designed to meet the needs of part-time students in employment. Many students, as part of their everyday work, are involved in data analysis, the interpretation of statistics, the optimal design and control of systems or in the modelling and prediction of time dependent phenomena.

Over 12 months, in lectures and in practical computing sessions, the courses cover both the theory and the application of modern statistical techniques required to solve applied problems in industry, the public services, commerce and research.

Each candidate will be assigned an academic advisor, whose advice should be sought when planning the M.Sc. programme and the programme must be approved by the programme coordinator prior to the commencement of the programme. English will be the medium of instruction.


The objectives of the MSc. programme are:

  • To consolidate the statistical and quantitative skills previously acquired by students so as to provide students with a solid general foundation and a mastery of statistical and quantitative techniques applicable in a wide variety of fields
  • Train statisticians for industries, institutions and other organization
  • To develop competencies in the application of technology to identify solutions though the use of computers, software and computer programming.
  • To develop the student's skills to interpret and communicate their results.
  • To provide a solid basis for research in Statistics and prepare candidates for Ph.D. programme in statistics.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Lectures provide students with information for students to gain a full understanding of the general theory and practice of statistical analysis at an advanced level appropriate for MSc study.
  • Students gain knowledge about core topics which cover some of the fundamentals of statistics, statistical theory, a wide range of statistical methods, computer programming; core material also covers modern computational aspects of statistics through lectures on a range of further statistical methods.
  • Students acquire knowledge of Non-examinable lectures on report writing and LaTeX document production.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants should have a first degree at least a second-class lower honours level at least with Mathematics or Statistics as a main field of study or with substantial mathematical or statistical content. Other equivalent qualifications may be accepted, for example the Graduate Diploma in Statistics.
  • All students have to follow courses, Calculus and Matrix Algebra (ST 5101) and Basic Statistics (ST 5102) as pre-requisite or preliminary courses. Preliminary courses are non-credit courses. Exemptions will be given to students who had followed similar courses acceptable to the relevant Board of Study.

Career Opportunities

At the completion of this course the candidate will be able to fit in as an applied statistician in a research institute, planning institute or a government institute.

The Programme was designed by University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and will be run by them.

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