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Student Governance

Students Leadership

Richard Mensah
Students Premier
Clan Representative Council

Kelechi Enyi
Speaker of Parliament
Student Parliament

Jessica Owiredu
Chief Justice
Student Court

The Students' Parliament

Students are elected in these constituencies to serve on the Student Parliament. The Student Parliament provides the broadest platform for student representation and determines the agenda for student governance on an annual basis.

The constituencies represented in the 21-member student Parliament are the Societies:

  • Graduate Society (Postgraduate students only)
  • Jeremiah Society
  • Nehemiah Society
  • Habakkuk Society

An independent electoral committee oversees the annual election processes within the each Society. All registered students qualify to vote in the election of the Student Parliament, which is held according to voter's rolls in the various constituencies. The leader of the Students' Parliament is the Speaker appointed by the Chief of the Clan. Students who wish to serve on the Student Parliament must make themselves available as candidates in the election and must meet certain minimum requirements as set out in the Constitution for Student Governance.

Clan Representative Council

Welcome to the Clan Representative Council
The Clan Representative Council (CRC) at the Yeshua Institute of Technology is a body of elected students. This body is equivalent to the Clan Representative Council in other universities. This Council (CRC) is the peak student leadership consultative and decision-making forum in the Yeshua Tech Students Clan (YSC). The CRC focuses of many different aspects of university life; from academic to social. Our programmes can range from focusing on academic excellence to holding fundraising events.

The CRC:

  • consists of peer-elected members to represent the views of Yeshua Tech students
  • consists of sixteen members, including two international student leaders (0ut of the 16 three are elected by the whole Clan and the rest appointed by the Clan Premier.
  • meets at least once a semester
  • is consulted on student issues by senior officers in the Institute in forums that are held twice a year.

The main role and core functions of the CRC are to:

  • To advise and assist students with problems relating to academics, finances, accommodation, day and faculty houses, community projects, student safety and security, student rights and student life in general.
  • Take action to improve the quality of school life for all students through student leadership programmes
  • Promote effective student representation and participation.
  • Effectively manage the Yeshua Tech Students Debating Chamber presided over by renowned personalities in government, science, business, etc.
  • Ensure that each and every student of the Yeshua Institute of Technology is treated with the utmost respect.
  • Run a vibrant Job Shop in conjunction with the Alumni and the Institute's Career Advisory Service.
  • Organise Annual Creativity and Technology Fairs.

The CRC is here to listen to your concerns and assist students wherever possible; be that in a lecture theatre or on the sports field. We would like to emphasize that every student is important to us and we would like to ensure a culture of responsible student leadership. We are convinced that University experience must happen both inside and outside the lecture hall. We hope to continue fostering a Yeshua Tech culture and experience which enables all students to take full advantage of their time at Yeshua Institute of Technology.

All students are welcome to come to any one of the CRC members for council with respect to questions or problems or advice regarding student life.

Student Court

What is the Students Court?
The Students Court is the judicial arm of student governance at the Yeshua Institute of Technology. The Court is an independent impartial objective body, which is there to make sure that rights of the student population are upheld and protected.

What does the Students Court do?
The Students Court is responsible for the following:

  • For the election of the Clan Representative Council (CRC)
  • Disciplinary hearings and settlement issues.
  • The resolution of student disputes through mediation and adjudication.
  • Inter-society disputes and society constitutional reviews.
  • CRC constitutional matters.

Students Court judges are students who have taken a course in Law run by the Yeshua Tech, with a passion and respect for student rights and justice.

Governance Documents

  • Constitution for Student Governance
  • Constitution of the Student Court
  • Student Court Cover Application Form

Composition of the Student Court
The Court consists of the Chief Justice, Registrar and three other judges, and legal practitioner or a magistrate who acts as coach and mentor to the judiciary with no voting right.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be in your 2nd or 3rd year of your studies in 2014 (in case of those entering 2013 exemption is granted)
  • You must have an academic average of 65% (Second Class upper) in every year of study.
  • You must not have failed two subject of any nature during the degree programme that you are currently registered for.
  • You must not have been guilty of any offence by the Disciplinary Committee for Students.
  • You must be a fit and proper person.
  • You must have completed a semester course in law relating to Student Governance

Contact details: Please hand in your completed Student Court application to the Reception Desk in the Office of Societies and Students' Affairs.
Chief Justice – cj@yeshuaghana.net

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